Now that lockdown has ended and we’re back hosting live music at the club, we’ve wrapped up our Baldock Virtual Folk Club shows and we are now recording the monthly BFC Round-up Videos to show the highlights from our live club sessions. We’ll be including the best of the musical performances from the previous month, along with interviews, news features and everything else you need to keep you going ’til you can get down The Orange Tree again!

September 2021

We can’t let September pass without celebrating all the wonderful music we’ve had at Baldock Folk Club during the past month. This round-up video features clips from our Folk Round the Tree festival, along with two of our fortnightly live club sessions. Artists include Chris Fox, Skimmington Ride, Daria Kulesh, Wildfire, Kate Rice, Americano, Brian Burke, Stewart Murdoch, Den Miller and many more.
We hope this gives you a taster of the club and encourages you to come down and join us whenever you can.
So reserve yourself a half-hour, pour yourself your refreshment of choice, and sit back and enjoy the show.

July 2021

Facebook Event Cover Page for July 2021 Round-up

July was a busy month for the club, with no less than four live music events. We’ve crammed the highlights of all the events into this 45-minute video for those of you who were unable to attend them all, or just for some happy memories for the rest of us. The video is now available to view at The music comes in four sections around which Shelagh McConnell interviews club supremo Brian Burke, looking back at the past tumultuous year and giving an idea of what is happening in the future with the club.

We start with rising singer / songwriter Chris Fox then the legend that is Brooks Williams with support from Dave Stacey and Brian Burke. The folk festival “Todd at the rugby club” on the hottest day of the year provided some great music and song from Skimmington Ride, The Devines, and Kelvin Davies amongst others, whilst our last show featuring Joe Quinn, Robin Campbell and friends was a real Scots knees up.

So plenty of variety and information crammed in to the 45 minute show. Please share with friends and those who may live further afield and cannot make it to the club for live shows. As long as there is an appetite for it we’ll produce a highlights video every month. So, sit back have a cuppa , pint or dram and listen to a great show!