Thursday’s Band + Vic Lennard

There’s a bit of folk, a dash of country, a touch of Spanish, a cajun flourish, even a whisper of rock with Cambridge-based Thursday’s Band. And a healthy dose of classical, when virtuoso strings start to soar over locked-down guitars. The songs are mostly written by the various band members, but the band also has a repertoire of tunes, set against occasional covers of favourite songs.

Mark Gamon – guitar, voice

Matt Kelly – fiddle, mandolin, viola, voice

Rhys Wilson – guitar, voice

David Cammish – bass

Vic Lennard writes with a passion about everyday topics that listeners relate to, with playing
styles that have been compared to a number of classic acoustic guitarists such as Paul Simon,
James Taylor and John Martyn. He covers songs by artists as diverse as Marc Cohn and
Coldplay, with intriguing back stories accompanying each song. Hear more at

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