The Devines + Colin Frid

John, Joe and Caz Devine are three members of the same musical Family, with roots firmly planted in the Irish musical tradition, playing traditional Irish dance music, mixed with original and contemporary arrangements of Irish songs, on an inspired mix of instruments, including Uilleann Pipes, Banjo and Saxophone.

The Devines have been touring since 2011 and made history when they were amongst the first musicians to ever perform Irish music at a Royal reception in Buckingham Palace. They have produced three studio albums and an EP since conception in 2009.

Colin Frid is a popular and talented Hertfordshire-based singer/guitarist with a wonderful voice, great guitar work and brilliant songs. Colin has been around years and his style, experience and stage craft show through. His versions of some classic songs are often very different from the original,but still very recognisable. 

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