Robin Campbell’s Celtic MashUp + Scottish Support

An evening of Scotland-inspired music to celebrate Saint Andrew’s day. Featuring Robin Campbell’s Celtic MashUp. Along with other selected Scottish-themed artists celebrating the wonderful music from north of the border. It’s bound to be a cracking night!

Robin Campbell – Scottish singer, guitarist, songwriter born Glasgow 20th May 1948 has been on a long and winding road via different genres, but Robin has always stayed true to his Celtic roots. He is the vocal / guitarist in local group Celtic Krystal with Krystal Munn on Fiddle long established in 2009.

Robin Campbell’s Celtic MashUp was formed in 2020 during the covid pandemic. There are hard core members in the band but, like the songs, we creatively introduce different players from a basic Celtic MashUp duo, Robin and Matt Waters on fiddle,, to the full MashUp band. Now add a few musical friends and it’s a MashUp / JamUp as we call it. You suddenly become a Masher if you ever play with Celtic MashUp.

Our mashups are creative blends of songs or feats with instrumental traditional music producing high energy rhythms of various genres with jigs and reels from the Celtic Nations.

Don’t be surprised to find Lady Madonna with The Atholl Highlanders or Dennis Murphy riding Shotgun with George Ezra and we also do keep to the traditional originals on many songs !

Expect the unexpected at our gigs and we promise you a real shindig – Slàinte!

In addition to Robin and his MashUp, we’ll be having more Scottish songs and tunes from The Tangler’s Irregulars (Brian Burke, Shelagh McConnell and Frank Corr) and we’re delighted to welcome newcomer to the club, hailing originally from Shetland, talented singer/songwriter, Kevin Johnson. So, altogether a right guid celebration of Scottish music and craic!

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