Elizabeth and Jameson + Colin Frid & Simon Dennis

We are delighted to welcome back to the club the award-winning duo, Elizabeth and Jameson. Hannah Elizabeth and Griff Jameson are two rising stars of the UK acoustic music scene who have joined forces to create an indie-folk sound which encompasses both their individual musical backgrounds. Hannah’s influences are firmly planted in traditional folk-roots, whilst Griff has formed his musical reputation within folk pop/rock genres. Together as a duo Elizabeth & Jameson offers the best of both backgrounds. www.elizabethandjemeson.co.uk

Colin Frid and Simon Dennis join us for the first time as a duo. Their repertoire includes many iconic British pop songs of the ‘Sixties including some Beatles favourites. Whilst Colin and Simon are both great singers in their own right, their harmony singing is something to behold, and their guitar playing is no less impressive.

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